Frequently Asked Questions
What functions of the MyDestination web app can I use for my device?

In case you have a MIB Columbus, RNS Columbus or MIB Amundsen you can use vCards, GPS-pictures or collection of Personal POIs. In case you have a RNS Amundsen, you can only use vCard.

What is a vCard?

vCard is a file containing name, phone number and address of your contact. vCard files are in the .vcf format also used for contacts in some mobile phones. Your navigation device can import files of this format a then you can use the addresses they contain as destinations. You can use MyDestination to create your own vCard.

What is a Personal Point of Interest (PPOI)?

Your PPOI can be, for example, a petrol station, restaurant or any other destination you want to save to get navigated to again. In the MyDestination app you can create a collection of your PPOIs and import it to your navigation device. Your navigation device does not come containing PPOIs, you have to create and import them additionally creating, for example, a network of your favourite restaurants of shops.

What is a GPS-picture?

GPS-picture is an image file shot by any smartphone or modern camera, containing GPS coordinates of the place the image was shot at. You can easily import such an image into your navigation device and get navigated to the coordinates it contains. You can use MyDestination to create your own GPS-picture.

Where can I get PPOI packets?

POI collections appear on different websites and many of them are available for free or paid download. Using MyDestination you can convert any such collection into PPOI and import it to your navigation device.

I had mp3 files, vCards and other files on my SD card/ USB drive and now I cannot see any of them when browsing on my navigation device. What to do?

Make sure there is no PPOI collection on your SD card/ USB drive. Once saving a PPOI collection to your SD card/ USB drive all the other files become inaccessible to your navigation device. To make them accessible again once the PPOI collection is imported to the navigation device, delete the personal POI folder and the .db3 database file from the root folder of the SD card/ USB drive.

When I imported a new PPOI collection the previous one disappeared from my navigation device. How can I get the previous PPOI collection back?

Your navigation device cannot add new PPOI collections to previously imported ones - each new import deletes the previous one. In case you want to use more PPOI collections in your navigation device, add new ones by pressing the "Save new PPOI collection" button in MyDestination.